HospiceServe was founded to help hospices grow and do so in a manner that complies with Medicare regulations. Medicare compliance has been difficult in the past few years but promises to be far more complex in the coming years. New regulations and requirements have been coming at hospice operators at a rapid pace and failure to implement programs and procedures could result in penalties large enough to jeopardize the entire organization.

Areas that we are able to assist hospice operators are:


    • IT - Information Technology
      • EMR - electronic medical records
      • Security
      • Data hosting
      • and more

    • Financial
      • Billing and collections
      • CAP management
      • Recapitalization
      • Accounts receivable loans
      • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Clinical planning

    • Compliance planning
    • Marketing

HospiceServe has the experience and expertise to help your agency grow. Contact us today at


HospiceServe, LLC

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