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The purpose of an effective corporate IT program is to deliver more value with less risk.   Fewer than 1 in 10 hospice organizations are maximizing the value of IT to drive higher value while minimizing business risk related to the use of IT.

Among the ones that are you find:

    • Revenue and profit that are 75 percent higher than industry peers
    • Customer retention rates that are 50 percent higher than industry peers
    • Business disruptions related to it that are 100 percent lower than industry peers
    • Data loss or theft incidents that are 75 percent lower than industry peers
    • Audit deficiencies that are 65 percent lower than industry peers

An effective corporate IT program will address all of the following areas:

    • Software
    • EMR or electronic medical records
    • ERM or customer relations management
    • Email
    • Security
    • Back Up
    • VPN or virtual private networks
    • Domain
    • Web site
    • Hardware
    • Office network
    • Office phone systems
    • Cell phones
    • Scanners
    • Servers
    • Copier/printer
    • Support Services
    • Help Desk
    • Break fix
    • Depot service
    • Services
    • Data Hosting
    • Procurement

A corporate IT program is a set of systematic procedures instituted by an organization.

HospiceServe can help with resources to lower your risk.   Contact us today to discuss IT planning.