Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are digital versions of the traditional paper-based medical record for an individual.  There are many advantages to EMR usage but implementation can be costly and complex dissuading many agencies from getting started.

Some of the advantages of EMR are:

    • Increased staff productivity
    • Lowered operating expenses
    • Increased compliance which lowers liability
    • Standardization of charting
    • Ease of communication

Starting an EMR program is a very complex decision as there are many choices to be made and resources to be developed to successfully implement, train, support and manage the EMR program.   Choices such as which software to purchase, customize to your existing work flows or change work flows to work with an off-the-shelf product, host the data on existing servers or out sourcing, how to make sure your data is available and safe 100% of the time, laptops or tablets, purchase support or hire support, develop the compliance plan and the policy and procedures to document the EMR’s use or purchase them.  It is easy to see why getting started is so difficult and then there is the cost which has a tendency to be much more than anticipated.

HospiceServe will provide an end-to-end solution that will provide the software, hardware, training, data hosting, compliance program and the support needed to implement your EMR program allowing you to concentrate on the care your agency provides its patients and their families.  Our pricing is guaranteed and payment terms are flexible allowing you the easiest access to the many benefits of EMR with the lowest risk.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your needs.