Billing Services

Outsourcing your billing process is an excellent opportunity to streamline operations, ensure compliance, accelerate reimbursement and improve your overall profitability.   Medicare, the primary hospice reimbursing entity, continues to add new requirements for the information that is to be submitted to complete a claim and we can help to ensure that your receivables are not at risk of being recouped because of incomplete information submission.

Many hospice care agencies are struggling with cash flow as a result of billing and a lack of effective management of the processes.  This often results in a shift in focus from patient care to details of running the business that are less fulfilling.  We can help you focus on the part of the business that you enjoy.

HospiceServe provides you with the peace of mind that your billing is done accurately and in a timely manner, resulting in:

    • More time and resources dedicated to caring for your patients
    • Quicker reimbursement
    • Increased accuracy
    • Higher compliance
    • Decreased write offs
    • Less chance for recapture of revenues by an aggressive Medicare, intermediary or RAC auditors

HospiceServe’s billing team knows and understands billing.  That is why we should be trusted to manage your billing needs.

Contact us today to find out what we can do to assist your organization!